Here at Fort McCoy Ranch, we truly believe “you are what you eat.”

The following is our commitment to you:

  • Raise our animals as naturally as possible.
  • Let our animals roam free year-round.
  • Avoid pain and stress to our animals.
  • Respect our animals and give them the best life possible.
  • Ensure the highest standards of ethics and business practice, with quality and safety in mind.
No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

We believe in letting our animals grow at their natural rate, eating only all-natural foods. We never give them added growth hormones or antibiotics and we never feed them animal by-products.

Highest Standards of Animal Welfare to Avoid Pain or Stress to our Animals

We go to great lengths to ensure that our animals are raised and treated with respect and dignity. Our animals are born and bred on the same ranch. They are free to roam year-round and eat all-natural, strictly vegetarian diets.

Processing Facilities on Ranch

We utilize state-of-the-art processing facilities located on the ranch where our animals are raised to avoid having to transport them long distances. By working with animal welfare advocates, we designed the facilities to ensure a high level of care and the least amount of stress to the animals as possible. Our facilities are among the best in the US, with strict food and safety protocols, USDA-inspectors on-site, and highly trained and knowledgeable staff.